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LEKKERWÜRFEL with real herbs


with real herbs

Herbs are rich in essential oils.
Beneficial for well-being.
Preventing diet-related deficiencies, experience shows that certain herbs have a positive effect on the digestive organs and mucous membranes through their ingredients like saponins, tannins, mucilage, bitter substances and glycosides.
Sweet Lumps with Herbs are tasty too and activate the relationship between you and your horse at the same time.
Feed supplement for horses, as an occasional reward.
Ingredients: alfalfa, barley, linseed expeller, wheat, wheat middlings, sunflower expelller, maize gluten (58% protein), herb mixture.
Analysis: 16,30% crude protein; 2,60% crude fat, 10,00% crude fibre; 4,26% crude ash.
Nutritional additives per kg: 50 mcg Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), lactic acid, citric acid.
Recommended feeding: 5-10 cubes per day.

ADMR 48 h